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"The Leather Clown Questions" (roballen2)

New Questions (roballen2)

Now this is for all people. Women if they are thinking about doing this kind of thing.
Men if they have a woman they love, that is thinking about, or does these things.

The Leather Clown

    Your woman wants to get into this NEW, S&M thing. She wants to dress up like a clown and “discipline” you.

This is easy because they are Yes & No answers.

1- She wants to buy a $248.00 dollar pair of Big, (Very Big) Bright red clown shoes?
a=yes    b=No

2-You gotten her the shoes and now she wants you to lick the shoe heal, (Which she calls a boot heal” ) She holds it over your mouth & face and says, “LICK THE BOOTHEAL OF THE TRYRANT CLOWN”. would you.
A=Yes    b=No

3-She wants to spend a considerable sum on clown clothes, Black fishnets. A whip.
A black “Peek-a-boo bra” a very colorful halter dress. (to go with her shoes…of coarse)
a=yes   b=no

  so far…         By some freaky bad-craziness you went along with all this.
Because…you love her. (no offense to ALL of you folks that are heavy into this type of thing, “It’s all good”!)

4-Now she wants a pink poodle dog, or white one, and she’ll dye it pink. $742.00
a=yeas    b=   no

5-Now she wants to buy a very, very expensive….very little car. Especially for clowns with a false bottom in it. It cost (Used) as much as a “Mini Cooper New”.
a=yeas   b=no

6-Now she’s acquired an old fashioned Seltzer Bottle at a second hand store, she want to see how you like it when she squirts it right in your “Butt Hole”!
a=yes   b=no

7-Now she wants to hire prostitute midgets of both sexes, to help her.
a=yeas   b=no

8-Now she wants to chase you around the house in the little car to a spot where you hired contractors to put in a  sliding trap door, so all the whore midgets can get out of the car and tie you up.
a=yes    b=no

9-Now she’s got you licking her big red clown shoe, letting the little clown whores tie you up. She is squirting a seltzer bottle up your butt, you poop.
a=yes    b=no

10-She wants you to let her rub beef gravy on your balls, so the little pink poodle (that she spent YOUR money to have trained to “YAP…YAP’ and do back flips) so it nibbles and bites on your nuts?
a=yes    b=no


11-She wants to hire a very professional & Expensive film crew to film the whole act. It’s gotten quite involved with you doing to male midget clowns whatever she commands you. Which has gotten quite bizarre.
    She wants to show this film at the next family reunion?
a=yes    b=no

"A (fake) WAR Story" suppose to be Funny?

…”A War Story” By Rob Allen

I had the luck to be sent to, “Poon-Tang” .
It was the eve of the, “Big Tit Offensive” back in one of those years I spent my fortune tying to forget.

What was I writing?

Yes…I thought when I first got down there….fuck …the heat. The dense jungle….but damn this was the kind of place for a “Bush-hogg”, Then I’d need some kind of boat with at least two 55H.P. outboards.
This world was funky-deep jungle shit.
The “monkey-rub, or the “Funky-rumba” are waltzes in “Poon-tang”.
It’s not just the heat, it’s often bloody. A lizard ran over my foot first time, thought I’d shit myself.
….and the god-damn smell, fuck they keep sayin’, “soon as you get used to the SMELL of Poon-Tang, you got it licked.”
And I’m bummed out to say…I died in that sorry mess.
Died FOR YOU! So god-damn it, lets not get any weirder about this then we have to.

no I was never in any war. any thing in this story that seems the least bit true…it isn’t.
and fuck no I have no Idea what funny for, “Sheeple People IS.
If you’ve never been in a war and sometimes feel a need to tell a good war story,”You are Welcome to tell mine as YOUR OWN” Add to it….gimme some feedback, extra material.

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